Victoria Kyriakides

Fashion Designer


Victoria Kyriakides presented her prêt-a-porter collection for spring summer 2010, on Friday 23rd of October, during Fashion Week Athens.

The collection in intense color pallets such as indigo, emerald and sweet rose, presented geometric designed dresses, uncommon yet wearable outfits.

Playfully mixing semi-transparent materials of the same or neighboring color pallets created a tone-to-tone effect to the surfaces.

The designer experimented with relatively ‘forgotten’ fabrics such as razmir and organza. The multi-level concept in the combination of the fabrics was evident, consistent to the idea that the designer wanted to express: ‘I wrap around you’-‘I hug you’. A collection with an urban-style intent, observing graphically on how the city wraps around us.

She uses the fabric surfaces literally as a canvas to paint brush strokes of minimal views to the city.

Guests enjoyed every minute of the show, particularly the finale with bridal pieces on the same wavelength, geometric and unique, one of the designer’s major market.

Victoria described the collection as ‘liberating, experimental and optimistic’.

The catwalk was held in a full house in Techopolis, Gazi of Athens, in front of friends, fashionistas and distinguished guests.

Collection for Spring - Summer 2010

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