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Paul Morris is a reporter for BBC Radio Wales

and a regular contributor to local newspapers.

When asked me to contribute to their website I was about to have lunch. And as I considered a topic I could think of few subjects less controversial, few subjects more irrelevant, than baked beans on toast. So here goes.

There are two things I know about beans - that they're high in both fibre and flatulence. But to bore you with a few more facts, are you aware that we Brits eat more beans than anyone else? Heinz tell me that the average British person eats more than 15 pounds of the stuff each year (The second highest per capita consumer in the world is Sweden, don't you know?)

Baked beans were first created in the USA in 1895 but they didn't make it across the atlantic until 1904. Up until the Second World War they were produced with a piece of pork - this was removed due to rationing and never made it back in again.

In 2002 chefs came up with the perfect formula for cooking beans which recommends cooking them at 147°F and serving them at 16.8°C (presumably we should cook them in imperial but eat in metric for the best effect).

So what are the best accompaniments for Baked Beans, I hear you ask? Well, a famous Baked Bean manufacturer (who only gets the one mention unless I get a kickback) tells me the national favourite is cheese. Closely followed by sausages, bacon and then fried eggs. I'm quite partial to Marmite myself.

Last year the BBC sent me out to interview the residents of Cardiff in South Wales on the subject. This is what they had to say...

Baked Beans on Toast

Thank you Paul for more of your interviews with the residents of Cardiff in South Wales.

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Paul Morris