August 2019 update


Waverley Paddle Steamer

Built 1947 in the Clyde shipyards for over 900 passengers

2017 will mark 70 years since Waverley first sailed.

It was announced on Friday 10th May that Paddle Steamer Waverley has regrettably been withdrawn from service and will not operate any of her sailing programme for the first time in 45 years. Work on the ship's boilers had been ongoing since February and following extensive consultation and investigation it has been concluded that the boilers must be replaced if Waverley is to have a future and sail in 2020.

Waverley Excursions General Manager, Paul Semple, commented "The whole Waverley team is deeply disappointed that we are unable to repair the ship's boilers and operate this season despite every effort being made to overcome challenged presented. I know first-hand the fondness that the general public have for Waverley and I know this news will be disappointing for the tens of thousands of passengers who would have sailed with us this year around the U.K."



We are delighted to announce that thanks to further appeal donations, we have now ordered new generators for Paddle Steamer Waverley.

Waverley’s Operations Director, Alasdair Macmillan, who is managing the Boiler Refit commented, “I have now placed the order for 3 new Caterpillar generators to be built for Waverley which will be installed in the boiler room during the boiler refit. All other electrical equipment required for Waverley including a new main electrical switch board has also been ordered.”

Some may ask why we are also replacing Waverley’s electrical systems when it was just the boilers that prevented her sailing this season. However, the Board of Directors took the decision that to ensure Waverley’s long-term future it made sense to replace other equipment located in the boiler room such as the electric generators.

Alasdair also added, “By installing new generators and other equipment at this time we are ensuring that Waverley continues to operate for many more years to come. It simply wasn’t sensible to lift the funnels off, install new boilers but then carry on operating the ship with generators which would need replacing in just a few years’ time. By undertaking all this work at once on the ship we are investing in her future.” 


We would like to thank WMB Heavy Haulage who removed several items from Waverley’s boiler room using a crane. They undertook this work at NO COST to Waverley in support of our Save The Waverley Boiler Refit Appeal.

The components were lifted through a section of deck above the boiler room and have been transported to Cochran’s of Annan where the new boilers are being built.


We owe a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to the Boiler Refit Appeal so far. The support from so many individuals has been fantastic. We are now well past the key milestone of half a million which has allowed us to progress plans.

We are now looking beyond our core supporters to reach out to the full customer base and everyone who would normally receive a sailing programme posted to them each season will shortly receive an appeal leaflet. We hope the response will further boost the appeal total.

In addition, we are now preparing Trust Fund applications,  the first of these was submitted to the National Lottery Heritage Fund just a few days ago. Given the tight timescales, our application was within the £250,000 grant limit. We will know the decision by November.

We are asking everyone who wishes to see Waverley sailing again to promote the appeal to their friends and family. Donations can also be made in memory of someone who would have wanted Waverley to sail on well into the future. (Please contact us to record their details correctly.)

Please See Waverley website for much more information.

See link to Waverley website for more information.


Note from style2000.com  With permission part of the information has been taken from their news letter. Please always check with Waverley Excursions for the latest and most up to date news and information.

Waverley & Balmoral are owned by a Registered UK Charity No. 50789

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