Martin Robinson Jetski freestyle Cardiff Bay
Cardiff Bay P1 Jetski Acrobatics

Link to photographs showing the Powerboat P1 team and more of Martin Robinson Jetski  photoshoot. Cardiff Bay July 2014

Please note Large file size and 1620 pix wide x 1080 high

The 2 sample photographs link to the html5 test page. First taken as large RAW files with a Canon 5DMK II.

Cardiff Bay 2014

Powerboat P1 and Large Screen Photographs of

Freestyle Jetski  Acrobatics.

Martin Robinson from Powerboat P1 team Jetski Acrobatics. jetski_large_pics_test.html
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Winning Powerboat team Photographs  - Jetski Acrobatics  powerboat_p1_cardiff_2014.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0