David Jaggs

Classical Guitarist.

Since its 18th century origins, the classical guitar has become one of today's most popular and versatile instruments. It is capable of reproducing many musical styles and subtle textures. The six albums by the concert guitarist David Jaggs illustrate this range.

The arrangements for Timeless Melodies, Romantic Melodies, Guitar Moods and Reflections have a contemporary feel. In contrast, The Spirit of Scotland draws on the guitar's folk roots. The album includes a variety of arrangements, from the salon style of Robert Burns' era, to more reflective, traditional settings.

Spanish Guitar Encores, a collection of virtuoso concert pieces, shows the instrument in it's purest form. All albums include light orchestral backing except for Spanish Guitar Encores which is an unaccompanied solo album.

Here is an mp3 from my earlier "Spanish Guitar Encores" album, it is called "Asturias".

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