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Originating from the heart of rural Wales, my work reflects traditions and

skills passed on through generations. Having a key interest in showcasing

time honoured skills. I combine them with contemporary technology, bringing

timeless qualities to the focus of modern living.

The speckled slate ceramic of the *Llefrith + hufen *jugs imitates how

slate was once used in the dairy. When refrigeration was restricted to a

pantry, slate was used as a means of cooling the surrounding vicinity,

keeping stored produce fresh, ready for distribution.

The gold decorated wording signifies the rare occurrence of fool's gold

that can be found running through the veins of slate. It can also refer to

a more subdues consequence such as the depletion of language and that we

should never undervalue how precious and rare it can be.

Catrin Griffiths Designs

kitchen table dinnerware

Part of the Tea Time Accessories collection.

Speckled Welsh Slate Ceramic serving ware.

A piece from the ''Danske Spor. Ôl. Trace.'' project.

Photo: Ole Akhoej

Kitchen Table Dinnerware Designs

Promoting traditional skills alongside contemporary technology.

Milk Jug Tableware
Designer Kitchen Tableware
Designer Cream Jug

Photos: Siôn Williams.

Designer Cheeseboard Tableware

Milk + Cream serving jugs.

Golden decorated wording, signifying the rare occurrence of fool’s gold running through the veins of slate.

One of our cheeseboard designs.

A contemporary interpretation inspired by traditional Welsh roofing slate.