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TEL: 02920 - 394182


Newport shop on 01633 262738


Come to the new Camera Centre shop we have great deals on all equipment and we stock a large range of accessories.

Such as developing equipment, which includes paper, developing chemicals, enlargers, enlarger lenses.

We stock binoculars, field scopes, telescopes, night vision scopes, microscopes.

We also have a very large stock of new and used equipment in Cardiff. Lenses and SLR bodies at fair prices. Medium and large format cameras and flash guns, tripods, monopods, current compact cameras and SLR equipment, professional or amateur. We even have a large range of camcorders, digital camcorders and still digital cameras. We also have a large range of collectible cameras over 1000 in stock, ranging from Agfa to Zies Ikon collectable

( including Leica ).

We also stock batteries from current to rare batteries and camcorder batteries, which maybe you didn't think you could find, but if you give us a call you may find we will be able to help !

We also offer great deals on developing and printing.


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Camera Centre Cardiff

9 to 5:30 pm Mon-Sat

11 to 4 pm Sunday