This 2000 year old art form was used by the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans. Encaustic means "burnt in". It utilises Beeswax mixed with pigments and resins as a lightfast painting medium. This medium is painted with in hot form, usually with an iron although a hot stylus, brush or air gun can be used for certain effects.

The wax is melted on to the sole plate of the iron and applied to special painting card in various ways to build up a picture. The wax dries very quickly when the heat source is removed. After drying the painting is polished with a soft tissue bringing a beautiful shine and gloss to the image which has a raised texture, achieved by some of the painting techniques employed.

The finished painting can never be copied exactly, no matter how skilled the artist, so each painting is a true original that can never be repeated.

Linda paints in a wide variety of colours in fantasy, abstract and landscape designs.

The fantasy and abstract range utilise many vibrant colours and sometimes she overlays the work with gold, silver or bronze metallic wax effects. By contrast, some of the landscapes are painted in delicate shades that one might expect to find in watercolour paintings.

Linda is the featured artist in the book Beeswax Crafts published by Search Press, Tunbridge Wells, Kent ISBN 085532816-9. In it there are step by step photographic and text details showing how her paintings are created plus a gallery of some of her work.

She made a decision when her paintings first became popular to paint in relatively small format in order to price her work modestly to allow as many people as possible to enjoy her fascinating paintings. Each original painting is made into a greetings card which is nicely packaged together with a flier about the art form. This gives people a way of sending a stylish and unique but inexpensive gift to friends which can later be framed.



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The most popular size paintings are approx. 3"x 4" (75 x 105mm) with the widest range of designs and colours. The card size is approx 4"x 6" (105 x l 50mm)


Large, paintings approx 4" x 6" (105 x l45mm) Card size approx 6"x 8.5" (145 x 210mm)

Linda's card prices range from £1.50 each to £3.00 each she has a minimum oder of 10 cards.

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