21 August update 2021

Waverley Scheduled to be in service on the Clyde until 19 September 2021

See https://website for information and time table


Waverley Paddle Steamer

Built 1947 in the Clyde shipyards for over 900 passengers

2017 will mark 70 years since Waverley first sailed.

Paul Semple, General Manager for Waverley Excursions, will be delivering an online live Presentation at 7:30pm on Friday 12th February via YouTube. The title of the presentation is “Waverley – Achieving 2020 and Beyond”, during which Paul will share the fascinating untold story of Waverley’s return to service in 2020.

Previously unpublished images of the work undertaken during the boiler refit will be shared and Paul will outline the additional challenge of operating with Covid restrictions in 2020. The presentation will also outline the winter refit and maintenance work currently taking place on Waverley, and the challenges ahead if Waverley is to operate again this summer.

An update will be given on the current Covid-19 Relief Appeal and the total amount donated so far. The presentation will be made available by means of a live stream on the PSPS Scottish Branch YouTube channel which can be accessed simply by clicking the link. There is no sign in or password required.


Following his talk, the presentation will continue with Paul holding a Question and Answer session which should provide some further insight into what it takes to maintain and operate the world’s last seagoing paddle steamer. Questions can be emailed directly to Paul using a special email address which will be announced towards the end of the talk.

Please See Waverley website for much more information.

See link to Waverley website for more information.


Note from style2000.com  With permission part update information has been used. Please always check with Waverley Excursions for the latest and most up to date news and information.

Waverley & Balmoral are owned by a Registered UK Charity No. 50789

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