Production Team

The core production team at Animusic consists of Wayne Lytle, 44, and Dave Crognale, 36. Both work full-time on Animusic production (although Wayne spends some amount of his time on business and other logistical matters).

Wayne directs the production process, laying out the initial vision for each music animation. Dave and Wayne work together on the physical design of instruments and stages.

Loosely speaking, Wayne is the engineer and Dave is the artist. Wayne maintains a higher level view of the functional aspects of each instrument, which he lays out in proprietary animation software. Dave focuses on the aesthetic aspects of instruments and stages, initially sketching ideas and then evolving into modeling the objects in 3d Max, a popular computer animation software package.

Dave spends the majority of his time doing 3D modeling of hundreds of detailed instrument parts, as well as stages and background objects. He also creates complex shaders and materials to give the instruments their finished look (wooden, metallic, glowing, etc.). This includes painting images of dirt, scratches, bumps, and other details. Besides design and modeling, Dave manages the render farm (stacks of computers creating images 24/7), and does most of the compositing (layering different images on top of each other to create the final result).

Wayne focuses on the functionality and motion of the graphical instruments, determining how they move in order to play the music. He also directs the virtual cameras, specifying exactly what views are seen, how the cameras move through the sets, and the timing of each cut. Additionally, he also produces the original music using software synthesizers and digital audio software (Steinberg Nuendo).

Dave Crognale (left), and Wayne Lytle

Wayne also spends a good deal of time continuing development of custom software used to automatically generate instrument motion from MIDI-based music, as well as software that automatically syncs the animation to the music and keeps track of the hundreds of thousands of images which comprise an animated DVD.

Completing an Animusic DVD includes mixing the music (Wayne's domain), creating menus (Dave does most of the artwork while Wayne obsesses about functionality), and authoring the DVD.

Dave and Wayne work together on printed materials (cover, insert, etc.), getting input from a fairly sizeable "committee". Dave does the actual layout in Photoshop.

Starship Groove

Animusic Dave Crognale (left), and Wayne Lytle
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